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Green Tape, Ceramic Tape, and Dense Tape Fabrication Services

We Provide Clients with Application Specific Process Developments for the Ceramics and Electronics Industry Utilizing RTI Proprietary Technologies Inquire Now >

RTI can be your out-source green tape fabricator.

RTI specializes in providing out-source process development services in the fields of sheet, film, green tape, thick tape fabrication, and ceramic tape developments.

RTI High Shear Compaction™(HSC™) is the state of the art in tape forming. HSC™ offers unique advantages over all other tape forming processes, while also improving yields and reducing costs. The process is available for lab scale developments, tape tolling, or complete turnkey installations. Learn more about the High Shear Compaction tape forming process.

RTI also owns a unique patented low temperature co-fire ceramic tape technology called Zero Shrink Technology (ZST™). Using RTI ZST™ LTCC, ceramic objects can be produced which do not shrink when fired! A process not a material, RTI ZST™ can be tailored to have specific material properties. These can include CTE, firing temperature, dielectric constant, electrical conductivity and more. Another benefit of a zero shrink ceramic is that solid objects and be directly embedded in the green tape body and co-fired. This has led to advances in passive integration and hermetic feed-thrus. Learn more about Zero Shrink Technology.

These and other technologies can be tailored to your needs for in-house licensed manufacture or we can toll manufacture for you. The developed and installed cost of these technical innovations is much lower through the use of our out-source ceramic tape development service when compared to an in-house effort. A savings of 40% - 90% can be expected.

RTI's development strategies and innovations will be tailored to meet your company's market and production demands. From project onset to the technology transfer phase you have the satisfaction of knowing you're working with a recognized leader in providing technology development. We look forward to demonstrating how our technologies can lower your costs while increasing your company's productivity and profitability.