High Shear Compaction Applications

The HSCâ„¢ process is suitable for a broad range of applications that would normally utilize tape casting. We have successfully processed hundreds of different materials. Some of the applications include:

  • Controlled porosity battery separators for advanced electric vehicle power sources
  • Ceramic plates for body armor
  • Dielectric tapes for high frequency and also high voltage capacitors
  • Anode, cathode, and support layers for solid oxide fuel cells
  • Metal matrix composites for alternative disk drives or as semi-conductor heat sinks for high density circuit packaging
  • Flexible braze alloy tapes made from high-density cobalt titanium metal powders used to repair turbine blades
  • Abrasive and wear resistant diamond coatings used on carbide inserts for oil well drill bits and bearings
  • Various planar tapes for use in constructing a wide variety of electronic components including transducers, varisters, inductors, piezoelectric filters, thermistors, and capacitors
  • High density sheets for alumina, zirconia, and other substrates
  • Glass frit tapes for hermetic seals
  • Al-SiC composites for heat sinks
  • SiC tapes for heat spreaders and wear applications
  • Porous ceramic filters
  • Graphite tape used in oil well gas separators
  • Corn starch fugitive separator tapes
  • Low temperature co-fire ceramic
  • Many others including virtually any glass, ceramic, plastic, or organic powders

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