Thin Tape - Doctor Blade Tape Casting

RTI specializes in providing outsourced process development services in the fields of sheet, film, green tape, thin tape fabrication, and ceramic tape developments.

As experts in the field of tape fabrication, we have developed a line of doctor blade tape casting machines from a simple table top laboratory caster to a fully automatic machine with closed-loop feedback thickness control (see our casting machine page).

Dr. Blade Tape Casting Capabilities

  • Formulation
    • Aqueous or solvent based binders
    • Viscosity measurement and control
    • Plasticizers and surfactants
  • Milling
    • Ball milling
    • Vibratory milling
    • Centrifugal milling
    • Attritor
  • De-airing
    • Vacuum
    • Centrifugal
  • Filtering
    • Our large surface small volume filters allow filtering to <5µm
    • Coarse particles with various screen sizes possible
  • Dispensing
    • Rotary agitator dispenser keeps slurry from settling over long runs
  • Carrier Film
    • Thin tape typically cast on silicone coated mylar
    • Thicker tapes cast on stainless steel belt
  • Thickness control
    • When required extreme thickness control with closed-loop feedback is possible
    • Typical thickness control +/- 5µm
  • Rewind on 3″ diameter core, continuous lengths >500ft

Speak with one of our tape casting experts to discuss your particular needs.