Zero Shrink Technology

RTI’s unique ceramic technology, is centered around a patented process for the creation of a wide range of ceramic formulas which have the unusual property of essentially zero shrinkage upon firing. This technology is called Zero Shrink Technology™ (ZST™).

Examples of practical applications of Zero Shrink Technology™:

  • RTI can create custom low temperature co-fire tape for the manufacture of Multi-Chip Modules (MCM). The absence of shrinkage during the sintering process allows the imbedment of “known good die” ceramic chip capacitors and beryllium oxide heat spreaders directly into the MCM’s.
  • RTI can also provide a ceramic tape material which can be machined in the green tape state and fired with virtually no change in X or Y dimensions after firing. This is particularly useful in fabricating large ceramic articles which do not warp or distort upon firing.

Zero Shrink Technology Applications

When ZST™ is used in electronic applications as an LTCC circuit fabrication tape, ZST™ provides the capability to:

  • Obtain precise features and via location in Multi-Chip Module (MCM) manufacturing
  • Have the ability to embed BeO thermal windows
  • Embed wire or ribbon conductors to create unique new devices
  • Embed bypass chip capacitors directly into the MCM enabling the use of good die techniques (KGD) and saving valuable real-estate
  • Adjust TCE for high reliability multiple cycle requirements

Low Temperature Cofire Tapes

This capability can be used to create custom glass and ceramics where the following properties can be modified to suit your needs:

  • Temperature coefficient of expansion (TCE)
  • Dielectric Constant (K)
  • Firing Temperature
  • Porosity or density (<40% porosity to >90% density)
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Color
  • Surface Finish
  • Dissipation factor or Q factor
  • Cermets (Ceramic and metal combinations that do not shrink)