Tape Processing Services

With over 40 years of tape processing and process development experience, RTI can assist you with your tape processing. We offer the following laboratory development services:

  • Tape Punching
    • Punch specific shapes from the tape
    • Punch fiducial alignment holes to allow stacking alignment
  • Tape Printing
    • Screen print conductor pastes for metallization stencils
  • Stacking
    • Create multi-layer devices with internal alignment
  • Lamination
    • Uniaxial pressing in a die up to 50k psi
    • Isostatic pressing, 10″ x 24″ @ 8k psi
  • Dicing and Sawing
    • Razor blade dicing
    • Carbide saw
  • Green machining
    • Partial burn-out CNC machine of complex shapes
  • Post-forming / Molding
    • Create complex shapes in green slate
    • Near-net shape forming
  • Create Cavities
    • Punch and fill with fugitive tapes which allow for high pressure lamination that burn out and leave open cavities
  • Burn-out and Sintering
    • Some in-house capabilities in air up to 1400C
    • Extensive industry contracts

Contact us to discuss your application.